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How can I get the best results from my PRP/PRF treatment?

Welcome to MediCure Clinic, your trusted destination for cutting-edge Platelet-Rich Plasma

(PRP) therapy in Liverpool, UK.

As experts in regenerative treatments, we not only focus on delivering top-notch procedures but also emphasize the crucial role your lifestyle choices play in maximizing the benefits of PRP/PRF treatment. In this blog post, we'll explore the connection between your health, platelet quality, and successful PRP outcomes, with specific insights into dietary considerations before and after your injection.

Dietary Considerations: What you consume before your PRP injection significantly impacts your blood quality and, subsequently, the efficacy of the treatment. Ideally, maintaining a healthy diet that sustains a good platelet level and promotes a favorable inflammatory response is key. At MediCure Clinic, we recommend adhering to certain dietary restrictions in the hours leading up to your appointment.

What to Eat:

1) No-Fat Diet:

Prioritize a low-fat or no-fat diet at least 12 hours before your blood extraction. Opt for foods such as:

  • Leafy green vegetables (kale, spinach, lettuce)

  • Fruits

  • Beans

  • Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy)

  • Mushrooms

  • Garlic

  • White, lean fish (baked or boiled)

2) Increase Your Water Intake:

Drink plenty of water at least 2 hours before your blood extraction. Aim for consuming ½ of your body weight in ounces in the days leading up to your PRP treatment.

What to Avoid:

1) Anti-Inflammatory Medication:

Steer clear of medications that inhibit your body's inflammatory response, including:

  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like Advil, Ibuprofen, Celebrex

  • Herbal medications like turmeric, garlic capsules, arnica

  • Antibiotics

2) Platelet Inhibitor Medications:

If you're on medications such as Warfarin, Ticlid, Plavix, Effient, Brilinta, consult your prescribing physician to discuss the possibility of temporarily stopping these at least 2 days before your blood extraction.

3) Alcoholic Drinks:

Avoid alcohol for at least one week before your PRP therapy, as it acts as a blood thinner and can impact the clotting of platelet-rich plasma.

4) Fish Oil:

Refrain from consuming fish oil at least 3 days before your injections. This includes avoiding fatty and oily fish like mackerel, salmon, cod liver oil, herring, oysters, sardines, and anchovies.

5) Sugary, Processed, and Fat-Filled Foods:

Maintain a healthy diet by avoiding processed foods rich in fat and sugar in the days leading up to your treatment. These foods can affect blood quality, leading to poor circulation and impacting hormone levels, ultimately affecting platelet count.

At MediCure Clinic, we believe that your journey with PRP/PRF treatment goes beyond the clinic walls. By aligning your lifestyle with these dietary recommendations, you can optimize your platelet quality and enhance the transformative effects of PRP therapy. We want only the best results for you!

If you have any queries about what to do before & after your PRP treatment, check out our other blog posts or drop us an email at

Thankyou for reading!

Amy Maddox - Nurse & Owner of Medicure UK

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