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We use a combination of microsuction and irrigation, the two safest and most effective methods.

With years of experience and state of the art equipment, we can clear your ears safely and efficiently with no pain! 

£45 both ears - In Clinic

£60 both ears - Home visits

Call for home appointments 07469885616

What will happen at my ear wax removal appointment?

When you arrive to your appointment, first of all we will examine your ears. This involves a tiny endoscope (camera) inserted slightly into your ear. A full clinical examination of the ear will then be carried out and we will determine if there is any wax present or any visible contra indications.

We will then decide which method will be used to remove the wax safely. We use either irrigation or microsuction to do this. Sometimes we may use a combination of both.

Irrigation -  This involves a pressurised jet of water sprayed into your ear to help push out any wax, dirt and dead skin. This feels very therapeutic and leaves your ears squeaky clean!

Microsuction - A gentle sterile suction tube is inserted into the ear which gently sucks out any wax and debris. This is the 'gold standard' method for removing ear wax. 

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